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Kozmus granite problems

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I was one of the first to import Kozmus granite into the United States a few years ago. Black granites where very popular but also very plain. I bet on Kozmus because it wasn’t bit less elegant than your average indian black and yet it had a lot more personality and richness with its golden and silver tones mingled with that deep black. I was also one of the first to learn about the issues fabricators encountered when they started working with this stone.

As most Brazilian black granites, Kozmus can be scratched with steel or iron and other elements that are typically softer than granite. But the main problem comes from the material’s composition. Some parts of the stone (the silver looking areas) are very soft and they flake when the fabricator cuts the slab across those areas or when he polishes the parts of the edges with that silver component.

Fabricators therefore, often try to persuade their customers not to choose this granite by either telling them about the issues or, more likely, by marking up the price of the slab and/or the job to cover for the extra time and the risk of having to replace the slab because a it fell apart.

If you really like Kozmus granite and you think it would look terrific as your kitchen counter, I recommend that you spend a little time trying to find the right fabricator. Experienced and skilled fabricators will know how to properly cut, polish and install Kozmus in your kitchen without too much pain. But quality fabricators are usually not the cheapest in town. My experience with fabricators is that most of the time you get what you pay for; with Kozmus granite even more so.

Written by ignacio lópez silva

May 9th, 2011 at 9:37 am

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