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Going exotic: exotic granite vs. basic granite

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Amongst stone industry professionals, we tend to classify granite into two clearly differentiated groups: basic and exotic.

Basic granite relates to all those types of granite that present a very homogeneous pattern with little movement. Typically similarly sized dots or spots evenly spread over a consistent color background. The price of these granites is at the low end of the spectrum due to their abundance and lack of exclusivity. Because of their consistency and low price, they are preferred for large projects (they were extremely popular when track homes where being built).

Some of the best selling basic granites include: Santa CeciliaVerde UbatubaTropic Brown, and New Venetian Gold.

Exotic granites are the maximum expression of nature’s work in the natural stone world. Exotic granites are as unpredictable as a modern painting. Mixing several different colors, with lots of movement and veins combining several backgrounds. Choosing an exotic granite ensures your countertop will be unique. Exotic granite is more expensive than basic granite because it is much more exclusive and, in many cases, supply is very limited.  However, since the price of granite is typically only about 25% to 30% of the total price you will pay for your countertop (the rest are fabrication and installation fees), the difference in price between a basic and an exotic stone is much smaller than it seems.

Let me use an example to explain that the difference in the final price of your countertop will not be what you expect. Lets assume we have a good size kitchen with an island that will need you to purchase about 100 sqft. of granite. If we choose a basic $10 per square foot granite, the price of the kitchen countertop will be about $4,000 ($1,000 for the two slabs of granite and $3,000 for the fabrication and installation). If we choose a $20 per square foot exotic granite instead, the price of the countertop will be $5,000 ($2,000 for the granite and $3,000 for the labor). So, for only 25% more, you can get a granite 100% more expensive, much more exclusive and unique.

Some examples of the best selling exotic granites include: Mascarello, Lapidus, Magma Gold, Kozmus, and Typhoon Bordeaux.

Basic granites are cheaper and more consistent. Exotic granites are more expensive, more beautiful, more exclusive and unique. The price difference between a basic and an exotic granite countertop is not that large. Why not go exotic?

Written by ignacio lópez silva

May 9th, 2011 at 9:36 am

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