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Granite Colors: Green Granite

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Green granite is a very popular choice in America because it can bring the freshness of nature to any kitchen. From more sober tones to the most exotic patterns that will fill your kitchen with the charm and beauty of a Brazilian forrest.

Here is my selection of 10 types of green granite that will really enhance your kitchen.

1. Verde Ubatuba Granite

Verde Ubatuba or Green Ubatuba is a basic granite quarried in Brazil. Dark green crystals consistently spread over the slab combining with golden flakes. These crystals range in size depending on the quarry; the amount of golden flakes ranges to. This granite is blue when it’s first extracted from the quarry but, with exposure to the sun and oxidation during the cutting process, it starts developing a gold tone that, combined with blue gives Ubatuba its genuine green tone. The only issue you need to look out for when you pick the slabs are small golden “hairs” that could lead to fissures when the slab is cut. Below is a picture of an Ubatuba countertop. To see more click here.

2. Peacock Green

Peacock Green is a basic granite quarried in Brazil. Coming from the same family of Ubatuba and Green Butterfly, it presents the same dark green crystals with a touch of gold. The main difference between Ubatuba and Peacock is the size of the green crystals; Peacock’s are larger. Green Butterfly is different because it also includes numerous white spots all over the slab. The most beautiful peacock green is quarried and manufactured by Marbrasa in the town of Cachoeiro de Itapemirim, in the Brazilian state of Espirito Santo. Below is a picture of a Peacock Green countertop. To see more click here.

3. Sea Foam Green

Sea Foam Green is an exotic stone quarried in brazil. This stone is extremely unique and somewhat hard to find. There are only a few factories in Brazil that produce it. This means that very few wholesalers in your area will carry it in stock. Green crystals of different tones combine with small darker spots along with large washed out areas that used to be holes in the slab but have been carefully filled and repaired by the factory. The tone ranges from a more pure green tone to a yellowish green. The slabs are typically not very impressive but, once they have been installed, Sea Foam Green countertops look majestic. If you really want to have a stunningly beautiful countertop try the leather or satin finish. Below is a picture of a Sea Foam Green countertop. To see more click here.

4. Costa Esmeralda

Costa Esmeralda is an exotic granite manufactured in Italy. Yellowish green veins move across a light green background combined with white areas. Costa Esmeralda has been a popular choice for American kitchens for a decade because it rests on the more conservative side of the exotic granite spectrum. Elegant and unique at the same time. Below is a picture of a Costa Esmeralda countertop. To see more click here.

5. Labradorite Blue Australe

Labradorite Blue Australe is a super exotic granite quarried in the African island of Madagascar but masterfully manufactured by the best Italian factories. Large iridescent blue flakes on top of mystic combination of greens that give a unique sense of depth to this granite. Ideal for the luxurious ambiences, Labradorite Blue Australe’s breathtaking beauty won’t leave anyone indifferent. Below is a picture of a Labradorite Blue countertop. To see more click here.

Written by ignacio lópez silva

December 9th, 2010 at 8:15 am